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FinTech is one of the most competitive sectors due to the large influx of as many startups. As such, creating a fintech pitch deck for potential investors requires adequate research, confidence, competency, and great focus. No investor wants to run at loss; your task is to convince them beyond reasonable doubts with pure facts and data.

Since investors are solely concerned about making a high return on their investment, your fintech pitch deck should be tailored towards making a profit. In this write-up, we’ll walk you through the best steps to follow and important information to include in your presentation…

The food and beverage industry is a rapidly changing environment. Traditional large players are being challenged by entrepreneurs who can disrupt the industry with a hard-to-imitate “original” product.

In the world of startups pitching to the investor is a key skill. A pitch deck is an essential part of a pitch, and it is what makes or break the deal. The following tips are based on our team’s experiences through the course of designing decks that closed over eight figures in investment for several innovative companies throughout the food & beverage market: from liquor & spirits to protein bars &…

A pitch deck serves as your company’s first impression to potential investors, and so it should be considered one of the most important startup documents that you’ll need to create. A well-crafted pitch deck is an essential part of fundraising, as it will help you inspire potential investors to support your business. Moreover, a good pitch deck can position you positively when speaking with them. Here are 7 templates you can refer to as a good starting point in crafting your own pitch deck.

A strong deck will help you make a great impression and attract more investors. It might…

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